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I started working back in high school, ~1988, in the technical support division of a small company. Since then, I've worked continuously except for 12 months; my first year of college. To get the official rundown of my professional life, look at my resumé.


Every year, just before All Hallow's Eve, I used to be part of a group that put on a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I usually worked tech crew. In 1995, the group got really ambitious and formed a campus club. To this day, they have successfully be running 1-2 shows every quarter at Cal Poly, SLO, with a full-time regular cast. The club and Cast is called 'Zen Room' and you can look at their Home Page for more information about shows and stuff

For 2 years, I attended Yoga at the Cal Poly Rec Center. Our teacher was Shoosh. Yes, that's right, Shoosh. I even digitized her. Shoosh always welcomes newcomers, and the classes are always easy enough for anyone to attend. Nowadays, you can find her virtual and in-person classes at her website

After I left Cal Poly, I have found a new yoga center in Palo Alto: The California Yoga Center. We primarily attended classes with Ruth Owen, but have had regular substitutions from Julia Roberts and the rare substitution from Elise Miller. I would recommend any of the teachers, they're all very good!


When I worked at Cal Poly as a student sysadmin, my primary email address was a cluster of NeXT workstations, with a NeXT cube of my own at home. I worked within Academic Computing Services (ACS) not only administrating the NeXT and SGI clusters, but also helping out with the Sun and other clusters. These three clusters made up the Advanced Workstation Lab, a division of Academic Computing Services.

Since graduating, I worked four years for Silicon Graphics doing various jobs: a System Administrator, caring for the primary source-code machines. Three months after starting that job, I moved into the software build & release group doing OS, product, and patch builds. Last, I accepted a development position within SGI working on graphics system software. I got to play with big multi-pipe Onyxes which was lots of fun!

After SGI, I worked at a string of startups that didn't make it until I landed at Google, doing software build & release. It was an amazing 18.5 years there, starting with racks of individual machines, building up to amazingly huge clusters.

Details can be found on my Resume
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