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Resumé - Kevin J. Wang

Santa Clara, CA 95051
Internet: kjw@leftsock.com - http://leftsock.com/kjw/resume/

Over 25 years experience as a Devops Infrastructure Coder, Release Engineer, Linux Systems Engineer, and Software Engineer

Work Experience

On Sabbatical, Santa Clara, CA - Jan 2023-current
I volunteer as an event leader with http://bikex.org/ , foster kittens for the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, train to bike 100 miles, cook, bake, and perform hardware and software engineering feats.

Software Build & Release Engineer (DevOps Engineer) at Google, Mountain View, CA - June 2004-Jan 2023 (layoff)
As a Software Engineer, I was one of 4-9 developers on an end-to-end continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline from source to production deployment, implementing best practices (tests, code reviews, branches, monitoring, alerting) for over 28,000 projects.

As a DevOps Engineer, I worked on teams from 2 to 5 people, supporting 100 to 50,000 developers. Major releases included: Specific projects included:

Software Build, Release, and Systems Integration Specialist at There, Inc., Menlo Park, CA - Mar 2003-May 2004 (50% layoff)
As a senior member of the build, release, and systems integration team of 4 people:

Independent IT Consulting - Oct 2002-Mar 2003
Specified and completed several IT consulting projects including:

Build Engineer and Systems Administrator at Entise, Cupertino, CA - July 2002 through Oct 2002 (company closed)
As member of rapidly growing 25 person startup, supported developers by owning and managing build and release in addition to maintaining the internal and external network services.

Engineering Troubleshooter at Nexprise, Inc., Santa Clara, CA (merged with Ventro in July 2001) - Sep 2000-July 2002 (company moved 400 miles away)
Major projects included: Other projects include: load balancing, application scaling, performance benchmarking, customer solutions, project management, build and release, systems application architecture.

Silicon Graphics, Inc, Mountain View, CA - July 1996-Sep 2000

Treasurer and Network Administrator for Punk Net Internet Cooperative, San Luis Obispo, CA - Jan 1995-Jul 1996
Designed, implemented, and administered a twenty site city-wide network. Responsible for IP address space management, PPP, modem bank, terminal server, billing, new hardware.

Unix System Administrator at Academic Computing Services, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA - Mar 1993-Jul 1996
Performed network and system administration, security updates, software porting and installation, and new equipment specification of NeXT, Sun, and SGI systems, on a base of 500-600 users. Later (Sep 1995-July 1996), I additionally, cared for Aeronautics Dept's seven SGI machines in a similar fashion.



Technologies and Applications


Other Accomplishments and Hobbies

Unix system administrator classification
Based on the Usenix LISA Core Job Descriptions, I am qualified as Senior System Administrator of a large (1000+ hosts, 1000+ users) site. Experienced primarily with Linux. (see: LISA Core Job Descriptions) Contributed and reviewed content for the IRIX System Administration Certification courses in 2000.

Event Leader at the Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange 2019 - current
Organize and run events for up to 16 volunteers to repair donated bicycles. Hundreds of bicycles are repaired every year (800 bikes in 2023) for donation back to the community.

Convention Staff - Various Science Fiction Conventions, San Jose - 1990 - current
Worked BayCon, TimeCon, SiliCon, and Fanime with attendance ranging from 1,000 to 34,000 members. Positions include registration desk manager, and operations staff. Responsibilities include crisis management, registration, cashiering, scheduling, and managing a staff of upto 25 volunteers.

Computational Performance - SETI@Home, Crypto Speed Challenges - 1998-2000
Developer, Coordinator, and Advocate for the SETI@Home participation at SGI, as well as some of the RSA Security Inc sponsored Cryptographic Speed Challenges, utilizing thousands of machines across the company intranet. The difficult aspects of this project were coordination and advocacy; the technical portions were straightforward.

Personal Info
I enjoy equestrian pursuits (Hunter/Jumper), road biking, electronics, woodworking, and yoga.