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Setting up Cingular Treo 650 Bluetooth DUN with MacOSX (10.3.9)

Here's a step-by-step how-to, since it took me a few hours to assemble all the data.

  1. First, don't bother with the shadowmite Bluetooth DUN hack. There's a far better solution:
  2. Upgrade your Treo 650 to firmware 1.15 to activate Bluetooth DUN. This will require a hard reset, so you'll need ways of backing your Palm up. Set aside half an hour to get this done. Follow Palm's upgrade instructions
  3. Next, download the GPRS script generator from Macron Software. Here's the instructions for how to use it: launch app. (no need to install it in /Applications, you're only using it once). scroll down and select USA. Leave the CID field at its default of 1. leave the Modem Init string at its default of "AT&FE0V1&C1S0=0". Put 'wap.cingular' in the APN field. click on Save script, and save it in its default location (/Library/Modem Scripts/) with a name you'll remember. I used "000 - cingular treo 650" which puts it at the top of the list, making it easy to find. Should you choose to poke at the Expert setup, others say to leave all compression off, as it doesn't work.
  4. Now, pair your phone with the mac. This is a little strange, but is what I had to do:
    1. Palm: Home button -> Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth on. Turn Dial-up Networking on.
    2. Mac: Finder -> /Applications/Utilities/Bluetooth Setup Assistant. Choose to pair with Mobile Phone. Select your phone and press Continue. Enter the passkey on your phone. at this point, the mac should hang at "Gathering additional information about your mobile phone.
    3. Palm: Click on the Bluetooth DUN logo at the top of your screen. It looks like a laptop with a tiny Bluetooth logo in the upper left corner. Now turn DUN off!
    4. Mac: It should now go forward to the next screen, and have the box "Access the Internet with your phone's data connection" checked. Press Continue. Fill in the fields: Username = WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM (all caps). Password = CINGULAR1 (all caps) Phone Number: *99***1# Modem Script: select the script name you created earlier, then click on Continue. Click on Quit.
  5. Palm: Click on the Bluetooth logo at the top of your screen and turn DUN on.
  6. Mac: Finder -> /Applications/Internet Connect. Click on the Bluetooth selector across the top. Everything should be the way you set up on the previous screen. Test by clicking Connect.
  7. Launch terminal and test your connection with: ping www.google.com. Note that the latency sucks rocks (700-1000ms). Don't expect to do much interactive stuff over your phone, but some connectivity is frequently better than none!
  8. Palm: Click on the Bluetooth logo at the top of your screen and turn DUN back off. You can't use any Bluetooth headset while DUN is on, and also DUN really sucks the batteries down, even if you aren't actively using it. I think I used up 50% of my battery in about 12 hours with DUN left on, but unused.
That's it! Enjoy your connectivity. If the above isn't clear enough for you, please let me know, and I can make the instructions more verbose.

KJW - kjw@rightsock.com