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Childhood Wonder

Remember back when you were a little kid, and everything was exciting and new?

Why don't you feel that way today, as a grownup?

There are surely lots of explainations, but the one I like to discuss most often is that everything these days is reduced to "been there, done that." even if it is a new thing, but a derivative work. Few things surprise me these days, Few things excite me these days.

How can one bring this back into your life? Go outside for a walk, revel in the complexities and beauty of nature. The real world is much more infinitely complex. Think about your body, how all of its different parts function. Let yourself get excited, don't fall back into the usual explaination of "yeah, it's complex, it's interesting, so what?" Forget about it and just revel.

from jesse - children don't stick to standard definitions for everything. A stick isn't just a stick, it can be a wand, a sword, a magic flute, anything their imagination can conjure up.

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